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The History and Values of the Vineyard

  So what is a Vineyard Church? What are its values?

The Association of Vineyard Churches includes over 1,500 churches around the world, and this number continues to grow due to a strong priority placed on church-planting and outreach.

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Jesus and Wholeness

Monday, April 22, 2013

 Adam and Eve were given authority and power by God to have dominion over what God had created on this earth.They were to rule and reign as Gods representatives over the kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God exists wherever God is King. When Satan lost his position of authority in the courts of God he sought another kingdom where he could pursue his agenda and use his power. When man fell for Satans temptation and disobeyed God, he opened the doorway to allow Satan to implement his strategy, his manifesto of death and destruction. The kingdom of God on earth was now supplanted by a new ruler over a  a different kingdom, the dominion of darkness.  Read More

Health or Wholeness

Monday, April 15, 2013

How often do we limit our understanding of health to be just the absence of a physical disease? Things like cancer or tumours heart or lung disease or liver disease. Then we have diabetes, asthma, arthriti, pain and a multitude of other conditions. However, the word health derives from an old English word "hal" which means whole or complete. So when we look at ourselves we need to understand that we can lack wholeness in different areas of our being, including spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally and also socially. Each of those areas can be diseased or lack wholeness. It's easy to understand the physical but sin can disease our spirit and cut us off from the wholeness that comes from God, wrong belief systems can affect us mentally and socially. Supressed emotions like anger and bitterness or refusing to forgive can affect us emotionally. All of these areas of our life are interdependent on each other, ie lacking wholeness in one area will have a flow on affect to the other areas. Read More

Band of Brothers

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A team from  church recently had the opportunity to minister to another church group that needed some support. Even though they were most appreciative of our willingness to help and the prayer we gave them, I was more blessed by what we received from the experience. Afterwards, as we were debriefing as a team, the word " Band of Brothers" just dropped into my spirit. Now, I had never watched all of that TV series, but had seen enough to know what it was about. I realized the Spirit was saying that there is something special about actively doing the work of the kingdom, especially as a group. There is an interaction that takes place that binds the group together through common experience, similar to wartime. That binding doesn't come from sitting in church or home group just receiving but comes from engaging in actual battle with the enemy. In those situations you are tested, and you learn as a team to rely not only on the Lord but on each other, realizing that we all have something to contribute to see the victory.  Read More

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